(With golden Olympic medalist Gwendal Peizerat)

Photo by zero take on Unsplash

What is the feeling of going

On a skating rink and slipping ?

What is the excitement to meet

Some random people on your feet ?

Is that the same as when singing ?

Or does it have another thing ?

Here might be my last Medium post

Before long — as an inspired host ;

In a few minutes we will know

New Olympic heirs of the show ;

The one Gwendal Peizerat did win

Twenty years ago, with a grin.

Rink is vast ;

Time won’t last …

Just listen to his voice

If that is your choice :

This video was provided with the help of Vidoleo services. I made this article unmetered so everybody can (freely) read it.



Photo by Henry Desouza Nelson on Unsplash

This story starts into that place
Randomly filled with many folks,
A web full of goods shown in grace
Nearing a flock of asses — soaks.

Some guy wanted one to help hir
For a walk — for a long travel ;
One tongue licked cheeks of that emir
Revealing a trust — as marvel.

My tale mentions a small event :
Nursing hir new pet, our friend
Ought to support a big moment
Watching this companion on bend,

Yet, this halt was so deep in time ;
Our master shortly got anxious
Urging the donkey to soon prime
Right to round off the trek — tedious.

“My bottom is not to be whipped
I recommend you to redeem,
Nevertheless I chose days flipped”
Declared the ass — lacking esteem.



Once we found copper
Then we discovered silver
Before the coming of gold ;

Money is one bold thing
That makes us think
And sometimes that sinks ;

But soon ink came
So we printed it
And bet some games

We made metal unions
We called “computer”, and so on
And establish virtual coins

So when Money was metal-made
whether it sinks it would keep its shape
All the men’s built-up engines do have a physics existence -
even banknotes are still paper to share heat -
Now coin is just some connection
that may be annihilate in one second.

What do you think will remain when you turn off your machines ?



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