(With golden Olympic medalist Gwendal Peizerat)

Photo by zero take on Unsplash

What is the feeling of going

On a skating rink and slipping ?

What is the excitement to meet

Some random people on your feet ?

Is that the same as when singing ?

Or does it have another thing ?

Here might be my last Medium post

Before long…



Photo by Henry Desouza Nelson on Unsplash

This story starts into that place
Randomly filled with many folks,
A web full of goods shown in grace
Nearing a flock of asses — soaks.

Some guy wanted one to help hir
For a walk — for a long travel ;
One tongue licked cheeks of that emir
Revealing a trust — as marvel.

My tale mentions a small event :
Nursing hir new pet, our friend
Ought to support a big moment
Watching this companion on bend,

Yet, this halt was so deep in time ;
Our master shortly got anxious
Urging the donkey to soon prime
Right to round off the trek — tedious.

“My bottom is not to be whipped
I recommend you to redeem,
Nevertheless I chose days flipped”
Declared the ass — lacking esteem.



Once we found copper
Then we discovered silver
Before the coming of gold ;

Money is one bold thing
That makes us think
And sometimes that sinks ;

But soon ink came
So we printed it
And bet some games

We made metal unions
We called “computer”, and so on
And establish…



Francis L

Francis L

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