The Independence Day

There was that day, when the States — United States (of America) — declared their independence from the Kingdom — the one that would have become United Kingdom twenty-four years later.

At the beginning, the relationship between the two sets of countries was smooth : Britain had given stability to the young States, that had given some access to goods in return. With time, the familiarity of Britain by the States decreased, and Britain have asked for more and more goodies — forgetting gifts always have a price, including when you feel like not paying it.
Moreover, Britain had been feeling the costs of protection of the States was slowly struggling its economy, and the States didn’t improve enough their laws in the right direction.
So, one day, after many months of reflection and having maid a secret decision, the States had declared and publicized their independence from the Crown. In a novel way — a way that gave new rules and countryside pride.
Since that time and every years — in these States now United and having gathered other States — citizens celebrates that proclaiming day ; that newly acquired Independence (hardly protected with faith and strength, and becoming former and former).

What has been true for a country may also be true for some individuals.
When a child comes to the wold, (s)he needs its parents. Mother will feed her/him, father will help her/him to excel, great-parents will keep her/him safe, and brothers or sisters, cousins will challenge her/him.
But one day will come (s)he would get free from rules (s)he wouldn’t create. Then (s)he would open her/his wings to the sky to start her/his journey …

Whereas sometimes, freedom is hard to get — not to get along (that’s kind of always true, nothing’s wholly free for real), but to get with.
Poverty, greed, lack of love, (…), often hurt and forbid the soaring of birds .
One between millions, I heard of the story of this little girl that have been loving singing and dancing, with a first name recalling Britain. Britney saw the sky, the promise of liberty. But as soon as she had seen it, picture takers threw spears to her. She was pushed to make wrong moves, only then she would have kept the sight of her freedom. The loving ones around surrounded her to keep safe into the inner home, and have forbidden her to dream of a real soaring. I do wish for her a happy new start soon, delivered of abnormal restraints.
And there are so many Britney waiting their independence day.
Even if I cannot do anything for them, I hope and wish they will all find the force to unfold the wings to new horizons !



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Francis L

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